No similarity … seriously!

A friend posted this on social media, which I am sharing here: I believe it’s possible Biden doesn’t know how they got there … that staffers packed everything up carelessly. 

OK, let’s parse this for a brief moment.

The FBI keeps finding classified documents in President Biden’s home. They were put there after Biden served as vice president. Some of them date back to his time in the U.S. Senate.

Did the president knowingly stash them away? Did he do so with the expressed purpose of doing harm to our national security? C’mon!

Now we have the case of Donald John Trump. He took classified documents from the White House as he was leaving the place for the final time. He took them to Mar-a-Lago, Fla.

Trump has all but admitted taking the documents with full knowledge of their sensitivity. He has admitted to breaking the Presidential Papers Protection Act. He has said “they are mine.” He also has said he “declassified” the documents by “thinking about” declassifying them.

Is there an admission of wrongdoing in Trump’s response? Yep. I believe so. Has Joe Biden made any such admission? Has he said he knew he had those documents squirreled away? Nope.

Thus, my friend is onto something. A VP staffer was careless in handling the documents.