Trump gets pounded … again!

OK, this time the body blow comes from a three-judge panel comprising all Republican-appointed federal judges who have ruled against Donald J. Trump’s effort to fight the U.S. government’s prosecution of crimes that the ex-POTUS allegedly committed.

The judges — two of whom were appointed by Trump himself — have tossed out the special master appointed to oversee the investigation into the theft of classified documents from the White House the end of Trump’s term as president.

Their ruling was as clear as it can possibly get. The special master has no authority to oversee such a probe, which belongs exclusively to the Department of Justice.

Is this strike three for The Donald?

It would seem so. The ex-president has run out of options on every level of these legal investigations into his conduct.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has named a special counsel to examine the 1/6 insurrection and the White House document-pilfering scandal. The special counsel, career prosecutor Jack Smith, is proceeding full bore. The House select committee examining the insurrection and Trump’s incitement of it is wrapping up its work.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that indictments are on the way.

Let there be justice!