Trump’s ‘big announcement’

Donald John Trump has declared that in one week he is going to make a “big announcement.”

He’ll do it in Florida. The chatterers out there are suggesting out loud that he’s going to announce a third run for the presidency in 2024.

Not … so … fast.

I remain skeptical of The Donald’s launching another bid for the White House. It well might be — but do not hold me to this, please — that his “big announcement” might be something quite different.

I’ll offer this as a totally uneducated guess: Trump well might decide that the Republican Party won’t nominate him, believing he cannot win an election against whoever the Democrats nominate.

Then we have the myriad legal issues standing in the way. The New York attorney general has sued him for a quarter-billion bucks; Fulton County, Ga., prosecutors might indict him for coercing election officials in the 2020 election; and then we have the U.S. Justice Department pondering whether to indict him for inciting the insurrection on 1/6.

Trump’s “big announcement” might include a vow to fight all those so-called “witch hunters” in an effort to clear his name … if that is at all possible.

I ain’t predictin’ any of this is going to happen. I merely remain skeptical that he wants to be deemed a “loser” yet again.

I will await his announcement, though, with bated breath.