Trump reveals his smallness

Donald J. Trump just can’t help himself, as he takes every opportunity he can find to reveal his smallness, his pettiness and shows with graphic clarity why he is so profoundly unfit to serve as our nation’s head of state.

Consider what he said about President and Mrs. Biden’s attendance at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Trump just had to denigrate the current president by taking note that he didn’t have a front-row seat among the dignitaries invited to attend the service.

Trump went on social media to declare that had he been POTUS, he would’ve had a much better seat than those offered to the Bidens.

Is there anything more remarkable than this, anything that demonstrates more just how idiotic the ex-POTUS can be? Yeah, there probably are other examples. I just cannot let this demonstration of moronic self-indulgence pass without mentioning — once again! — how unfit for public office this guy has been for his entire adult life.