If only we could silence this liar

My version of a perfect world suggests that a stiff prison sentence, a hefty fine and a label of “serial slanderer” could silence the likes of Alex Jones.

However, we never will reach that level of perfection. Why? Because Jones, who is on trial for defaming the loved ones of the precious children slain in the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has this “free speech” guarantee that will allow him to continue spewing trash.

Judge scolds Alex Jones at Sandy Hook defamation trial: ‘This is not your show’ (msn.com)

Jones, one of the nation’s more notorious conspiracy fruitcakes, has been sued for saying that the Sandy Hook massacre was made up, that the slain victims were actors, that it was all a ploy to gin up support for legislation to ban guns.

Jones, who lives in the Dallas area, has been defending himself in the trial. He tried to apologize to the parents of some of the slain children, but the judge presiding over the trial shut him down.

To be clear, Jones already has been found liable for defamation by one of the parents he defamed. He is trying at this moment to avoid paying a lot of money that he could be ordered to pay.

Don’t misunderstand me on this point: Even though I am a staunch defender of the free-speech clause in the First Amendment, there are times and instances when I wish the courts could order nimrods like Alex Jones to just shut the hell up!

But … they cannot.

Therefore, no matter how this matter ends up, Alex Jones will continue to have his platform, his proverbial bullhorn — and an audience that is too willing, too stupid and too gullible to ignore his idiotic rhetoric.

I tend to ignore everything that flies out of this loudmouth’s pie hole. But I’m just one guy. The nimrods who listen to this guy need to find some religion.


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