What have the obstructionists done?

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Given the tendency among congressional obstructionists to block everything that the other side wants to do, I am driven to the tendency to ask: What have they done to justify this kind of game-playing?

I think of Republicans, naturally, when pondering this matter.

Two of them seem to stand out. One of them is a Texan, Sen. Ted Cruz. I also ponder the antics of Arkansas’s Tom Cotton.

Both of these nimrods are fond of blocking nominations of a Democratic president, such as Barack Obama and now Joe Biden. They block ’em because, well, they can under Senate rules.

So, let’s turn this around briefly. What constructive legislation has their names on it? Have either of these obstructionists authored legislation that makes them proud? That they can boast to their voters? Hardly!

They aren’t alone, of course. A whole caucus full of Republicans in both congressional chambers has grown fond of blocking bills. They vote “no” … all the time!

They as a group seem to be bereft of constructive notions. They spend no time putting pen to paper to draft legislation that would do the rest of us any good.

That is why I am so enraged at these obstructionists. They have no moral standing to block anything, given that they have no authorship of anything that is worth a damn.