Parents need to stand trial, too

I had this horrible fear that the search for the parents of the boy who allegedly killed his classmates at Oxford High School in Michigan would be found dead.

They weren’t. Oakland County, Mich., authorities took Mom and Dad into custody and the district attorney has charged them with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of the four students.

In keeping with my policy of not identifying the shooters in these mass slaughter events, I am going to avoid naming the parents, too. I believe they are as culpable in the event as the son who stands accused of murdering his fellow students.

I do want to salute the prosecutor for agreeing to level charges against the parents. They allegedly allowed their son to obtain the weapon he used the other day when he opened fire in the school. They, too, will have blood on their hands if they are convicted of the crimes for which prosecutors have charged them.

Yes, this is another dark episode in the ongoing fight against gun violence in this country. It sickens me beyond measure.

When in the name of all that is decent will this carnage end?