Why the delay and obstruction?

 (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

This has to rank, in my mind at least, as one of the great political mysteries in recent U.S. history.

Donald J. Trump keeps insisting he did nothing wrong while serving as POTUS for four years. He made a “perfect” phone call to the Ukrainian president asking for help in finding dirt on then-former VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. He insists he didn’t incite violence on 1/6, that he called for “peaceful” protest.

And yet …

This clown is engaging in the mother of stalling tactics. His minions won’t answer congressional subpoenas. Trump refuses to release his tax returns. He stalls, blocks, obfuscates. He is trying to run out the clock until the midterm election when, he hopes, Republicans get control of Congress.

Why this tactic if there is nothing to hide? If there is nothing see? If there was nothing wrong with the way he conducted himself in office?

Man, someone has to explain this one to me.