Congressman: detestable!

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

By John Kanelis /

This must be said in the clearest terms possible.

I truly detest the nitwit who represents the Texas Panhandle congressional district I called home for more than 23 years.

Ronny Jackson, a Republican carpetbagger, moved into the 13th Congressional District to run for the seat vacated by fellow Republican Mac Thornberry. He won in a walk in 2020.

Since taking office, Jackson has done nothing but shame himself with idiotic, nonsensical and defamatory tweets about President Biden.

He continually accuses Biden of lacking the mental snap to do the job. Jackson keeps yapping about giving the president a cognitive test. He refers in degrading terms to the commander in chief, which is ironic … given that Jackson is a retired Navy rear admiral.

Jackson has become a right-wing fan favorite of those who watch Fox News, the One America Network and other ultra-conservative media outlets. Why? Because he spews the garbage that comes out of their mouths every hour of every single day.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that the GOP-fervent Texas Panhandle would elect such a clown. I am not. That doesn’t, however, diminish my disappointment that the Panhandle of Texas would elect such an individual to represent their interests on Capitol Hill.

I shake my head constantly at the ramblings, rantings and fire-breathing rhetoric that come from this clown.

If only he hadn’t won by such a significant majority. Were he elected by the hair of his chinny chin, I might be willing to suggest that the Panhandle voters deserve better than what they got.

Sadly, I cannot. They got precisely what they must’ve known they were getting.