Vaccines alone can kill the virus

By John Kanelis /

If it weren’t so damn hot outside at the moment, I might be inclined to climb a ladder onto the roof of my North Texas house and shout at the top of my lungs: Get your sorry ass vaccinated!

The temperature is 100 degrees. I am too old to be climbing up on roofs. So I am left to use this forum — my blog — to repeat a mantra I will continue to repeat until we see a reduction in the infection/hospitalization/death rate from the COVID-19 virus.

Or the variant it has spawned.

The misinformation war is still being waged. The antagonists are the right-wing propagandists who insist the vaccine does harm to our bodies and the the medical experts who counter that the vaccines — all of them — are safe and effective.

President Biden wanted to turn the corner on the vaccine by the Fourth of July. The nation fell short of the total vaccination goal the president had set. It is not his fault, I must reiterate, that we have failed to meet the goal. It’s the fault of the legions of liars who continue to sow doubt about the vaccines. They have blood on their hands in the form of the lives that are still being lost to the pandemic.

The delta variant continues to fell Americans. The vast, overwhelming majority of those who are falling victim to it have not been vaccinated. It is on them, therefore, to take responsibility for the illness they are suffering. And for the misery they are creating among their family members. Oh, and for the threat they pose to others who also lack the full vaccine.

I just don’t know what it is going to take to persuade enough Americans of the fatal folly they are pursuing by refusing the give up the partisan politicking in the midst of this war against a killer virus.

Meanwhile, I will continue to insist from my fully vaccinated house in Collin County, Texas, that only the vaccine can eradicate the virus.

Are we crystal clear? Good. Now, get the shot(s) you need to eradicate this killer.