No communion for POTUS?

By John Kanelis /

The Bible is God’s infallible word, yes?

So, with that I want to venture briefly into some dangerous rhetorical territory. Some Catholic bishops want to deny President and Mrs. Biden communion because of their views on abortion.

Catholic Church doctrine opposes abortion. Period. It is not a debatable point. President Biden believes women deserve to have the right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy, which is against church doctrine. Some bishops want to deny serving him communion at Mass. Given that the first couple attends church regularly, well … that’s a big deal.

My quandary is this: The Bible I have read since I was a little boy does not set any sin above all others. Thus, abortion is no more serious a sin than, say, coveting someone else’s property or engaging in sloth.

How, then, do bishops justify weaponizing a particular sin by denying a politician communion which in effect declares that abortion is more punishable than any other sin? Is that in keeping with Biblical teaching?

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    Way out of your league on this one John.

    A Catholic cannot choose to live in mortal sin and enjoy the highest sacrament of the Church.

    Biden , by his choices on abortion, is complicit is a grave evil.

    Denying the Eucharist to a person in mortal sin is actually a grace- to help the person repent and for them to take the sacrament in a worthy manner.

    Better off leaving doctrine and our Catholic practices to us Catholics.

    We have had two thousand years of figuring this out.

  2. Your question is of course sarcastic but I’ll try to answer it as if it was serious.

    Your view of the bible and your reading it is most likely filteted through the lens of sola scriptura- scripture only-a view that began during the protestant reformation.

    Us catholics rely of the bible- sacred tradition and the magisterium.

    The catholic cathecism gives us a much deeper understanding of the faith that was handed to us- for instance- issues of prayer- hell- heaven -venial and mortal sin.

    My bible IS different than yours in that mine contains the books of the apocrypha.

    The idea that all sin is equal is not biblical nor is it supported by our sacred traditions or catechism.

    There is sin that leads to death- mortal sin – like abortion- the taking of a precious human life-which in no way is equal to gluttony.

    Also- the catholic bishops don’t have an obligation to pander to popular beliefs or current fads- they are shepherds of our souls and are called to make known the dogmas , doctrines and proper practices of our faith.

    I love the rich irony of folks telling the church to stay out of politics but they can’t seem to stay out of church matters.

    Biden – by his actions on abortion- gives a horrible example to nominal catholics and puts their eternal souls in peril.

    Here’s a question(s) for you-

    “The Bible is God’s infallible word, yes?” JK

    Who says the bible is God’s infallible word? On what authority is that statement true? What group claimed the books in the bible were canon?

    Best! V

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