How about taking the test yourself … doc?

By John Kanelis /

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson keeps making a name for himself as a rookie member of Congress. It’s not the kind of “name” that should do him, or the folks he represents, proud.

Jackson, who represents the Texas Panhandle’s 13th Congressional District, wants President Biden to take a cognitive test. Jackson, who once treated President Obama and the fellow who served as POTUS just prior to Joe Biden taking office, declared POTUS 45 to be in excellent health. He said Joe Biden needs to prove he has the mental capacity to do the job.

Good grief! This clown — Dr. Jackson, that is — is making an ass of himself.

Instead of working on legislation pertinent to the residents of the sprawling congressional district he represents — and about which he knows next to nothing — this goofball has taken to Twitter to make pronouncements such as the ridiculous notion calling for President Biden to prove his mental fitness.

Jackson is far from free of any controversial baggage of his own. POTUS 45 nominated him to become secretary of veterans affairs, only to pull his name out when we learned that he misbehaved while serving in the Navy. He had this habit, allegedly, of prescribing medications a little too generously. He also, again allegedly, drank too much.

If it were up to me, I would suggest that Rep./Dr. Jackson take a cognitive test himself … just to make double darn sure he’s up to his job.

I worry that my many friends and former neighbors in the 13th Congressional District — where I lived for 23 years — aren’t getting the kind of representation they deserve. Then again, many of ’em well might have voted for this clown. So, maybe they’re getting precisely what they deserve.

7 thoughts on “How about taking the test yourself … doc?”

  1. Maybe so. CNN, MSNBC and several foreign news organizations have questioned Biden’s mental capacity as he continually forgets things and can’t make a cognitive sentence. Maybe a test would shut them all up. You can’t argue with the science.

  2. As a physician Ronny Jackson should be concerned about Biden’s well-being and hope he is in great condition: physically and mentally.

    The oath he undertook as a M.D. included first doing no harm.

    To think Jackson wants Biden tested and found ill so he can begin the process of impeachment is despicable.

    Biden will never be tested- and good for us- VP Harris – judging by her past- would be a complete disaster.

    Get to putting forth solutions Rep Jackson- leave the clown show to the three G’s: Goehmert- Gaetz and Greene.

    1. I’ll disagree with your assessment of VP Harris. The rest of it is spot on. Ronny Jackson needs to worry about legislating on behalf of his congressional district, not making an ass of himself on Twitter. The guy is a bad joke. Makes me miss Mac Thornberry, who at least is enough of a policy wonk to avoid the idiotic Twitter tirades that Doc Jackson seems to enjoy.

    1. I had a good relationship with Larry Combest and with Mac Thornberry. I shudder to think of having to work with the clown Ronny Jackson.

  3. Larry thinks very highly of you.

    He told me so.

    He’s a class act and one of my best friends.

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