Give Putin the dickens, Mr. POTUS

By John Kanelis /

Vladimir Putin is in dire need of a stern lecture from the leader of the world’s remaining military superpower.

The Russian strongman is preparing no doubt for a summit meeting with President Biden, who has just commenced his first foreign trip as our commander in chief.

Biden has said in public that he plans to bring up at least three critical issues that his immediate predecessor, Donald Trump, didn’t bother to broach with his strongman pal.

They include: interference in our elections, human rights concerns, the paying of bounties to Taliban terrorists who kill American service personnel on the Afghanistan battlefield.

President Biden has known Putin for many years, owing to his two terms as vice president and his time as a U.S. senator. He told Putin once that he looked into the Russian’s eyes and “did not see a soul,” which Putin reportedly responded that the men understood each other.

Whereas Trump coddled dictators, President Biden has expressed an intention to take an entirely different approach in dealing with Putin. Joe Biden now gets his chance to demonstrate that he means business and that he will make Putin answer for the behavior he has sanctioned while governing Russia.

My hope for Joe Biden is that he deals with Putin as the leader of the world’s most powerful and indispensable nation and that Putin no longer can act as though Russia is our equal. It isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Give Putin the dickens, Mr. POTUS”

  1. That is laughable! All the major players are back in action now that Biden is in office. They were afraid to stick their heads up with Trump in office. He was a wildcard and scared the hell out of them. Biden will apologize like Obama did.

    1. An apology does not indicate any kind of weakness at all. It indicates fairness, reality and a desire to end any hard feelings about something that occurred between 2, more, parties.
      It’s a mark of maturity and strength in Obama’s case.

    2. Putin never acted scared. He acted empowered by trump. Trump’s loud-mouth brags and false threats didn’t do squat. His stance on Iran nukes set us back years. We were getting no where white the China trade war. He could be drowning and other major countries would not help him. His one ally was the guy that won’t accept defeat in Israel. That’s like having a rabid skunk for an ally. His blame China deflection from his lying to the American people about Covid was as juvenile as it gets. Ya’ll that say you never listen to Fox and other right wing biased media make me laugh because you do. That’s the only source for the propaganda you regurgitate.

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