So many takeaways from historic event


We have been watching a historic event today in our North Texas home.

My wife and I both have so many thoughts and emotions stemming from the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. I want to share some of my own.

— I think I am going to follow the president’s lead regarding his predecessor on one point, at least for the short, maybe medium term. Biden did not refer to his predecessor by name during his inaugural speech. I will use the same restraint while commenting on the administration that has faded away. I am tired of writing the name of the 45th president. I am even more weary of his antics, his disrespecting of the office. I want him out of my life.

— President Biden’s everyman approach to life was put on full display. He walked for a brief period from his heavily armored limo to the White House, and true to form, jogged to a rope line to fist-bump a spectator two. Then to see the first lady lay her head on his shoulder as they stood on the front porch of the building where they will live for the next four years was truly touching in a way I haven’t seen since, oh, maybe ever in a first couple.

— News commentators talked openly and repeatedly throughout the day about how the White House staff needed to perform “deep cleaning” of the White House in advance of the Bidens moving. Hmm. I had a serious double entendre  thought when I heard it. Yes, they are deep-cleaning the building because of COVID concerns. However, I cannot stop thinking about the desire to cleanse the place of any evidence of the individual who occupied the Oval Office for the past four years. You know what I mean? Yeah … you do.

— President Biden spoke of democracy’s fragility. It is fragile. It also is durable, sturdy and stronger than any human effort to destroy it. We saw that attempt at destruction two weeks ago.

It’s been a great day to be sure. However, now the hard work begins.

Mr. President and Mme. Vice President, let’s get busy.


One thought on “So many takeaways from historic event”

  1. I went back and perused your posts back in November, December, and January BEFORE Trump took office. All you wrote were negative posts. You never even gave the man a chance. You made your mind up well BEFORE he took the oath of office. What if people like yourself, or the media, would have given him a chance before they were combative? Maybe Trump would not been as combative with the media. I don’t blame you guys for Trump’s actions with the media. He should have put their pettiness aside and simply stated what he’s doing for the country. But, I guess after awhile, he felt enough was enough.

    Unlike many from the left, I truly wish Biden success. If he’s successful, we are successful. How many Democrats, including Pelosi and Schumer, actually stated they wanted to see him fail? Rhetorical, we can’t count that high. Again, the party of unity.

    I couldn’t say it right so I stole this and these words are exactly how I feel . God bless America ??

    I do not like Joe Biden. I do not like Kamala Harris. But as of today, is Biden my president? Yes. Why? Because I am an American. ??

    Do I think Biden will be a good president? Nope. But do I wish for his failure? No. Why? Because I am an American and I don’t want to see America fail. ??

    Do I wish death upon Biden just because I don’t like him? Nope. I can’t bring myself to the level of the people who wished Trump death when he had Covid.

    Do I think the left is using Biden as a pawn? Without a doubt. I’ll be shocked if he is President for the full 4 year term.

    Do I trust our government? Not a chance.
    I fear for the next 4 years. I fear for our economy. I fear for small business owners. I fear for our healthcare. I fear for what’s to come after these next 4 years. I fear for what this country is turning into. But I hope and pray I am wrong, because I am an American patriot and I want America to succeed. ??

    Copied and pasted…..

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