GOP exhibits stunning duplicity


The hypocrisy and duplicity among congressional Republicans as they prepare to challenge an electoral result is simply breathtaking in its scope.

Consider what Republicans were saying during the Donald J. Trump impeachment inquiry in 2019. They opposed impeaching Trump because, they said, the people deserve the right to be heard. Let the people decide at the ballot box whether Trump is worthy of staying in office.

Well, voters made their decision in 2020. They elected Joseph R. Biden Jr. president of the United States. He corralled more than 7 million votes than Trump. He collected well more than enough Electoral College votes to secure the election.

The GOP stance now? They don’t trust the vote. The election was rigged. Democrats stole the election from Trump. Widespread voter fraud erupted all across the nation. Now a handful of these nimrods want to challenge the Electoral College results on Wednesday when the House and Senate meet jointly to canvass the votes and ratify the result: that Joe Biden will take office on Jan. 20 as the 46th president of the United States.

What in the name of electoral integrity are these clowns trying to do? Whatever their aim, it will fail. GOP opposition to this insurrection is building, with key Republican senators voicing their intention to endorse Biden’s election when they get the chance.

Still, I am trying to catch my breath while watching the GOP congressional caucus wring its hands over what constitutionally is set up as a mere formality.

The moron cabal of the GOP is being led by a man — Donald Trump — who is totally ignorant of what the Constitution allows. They all deserve each other.

3 thoughts on “GOP exhibits stunning duplicity”

  1. Tomorrow’s votes (I expect multiple votes regarding the electoral votes in multiple states) will be very interesting to watch.

    We already know how the Cruz missile will vote. He has no guiding principles that I can discern other than acting in his own political self-interest. He will pass Trump’s loyalty test, but abandon his oath to support the Constitution.

    And at bottom, Cruz is kind of a chicken. He was afraid to be the first senator to say he would oppose certification of the electoral votes. But once Josh Hawley said he would oppose certification, Cruz couldn’t wait to say that he too would oppose and to paint himself as the leader of the charge. Cruz is a craven opportunist and he does not want to be passed by Josh Hawley in the loyalty-to-Trump rankings. I truly detest the guy.

    What we don’t know for sure is what Cornyn will do. He has stood by Trump for four years and has been one of Trump’s most loyal lieutenants. He does not want this vote to take place. He does not want to have to abandon his integrity one last time just to avoid facing the wrath of Trump and his followers. But tomorrow he will have to vote.

    My wife and I disagree on what Cornyn will do. I think he will ultimately vote with Cruz. My wife thinks such a vote is a bridge too far – even for Cornyn.

    You say GOP opposition to the objections is building. Maybe. But I think pressure is really building on senators like Cornyn to join the sedition caucus and vote in support of the objections.

    One thing you can say about Trump – he surely does create a lot of drama! It’ll be interesting – that’s for sure.

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