Biden won’t go after Trump


I am willing to take President-elect Biden at his word that he has “no interest” in pursuing federal charges against his presidential predecessor, Donald Trump.

I also am willing to accept that glimmer of magnanimousness from the new president as the statesmanlike thing to do.

However, my gut also tells me that Biden is going to coast on that one because he might be willing to step aside and let state prosecutors in, say, Manhattan have their day in court with the president.

Whatever pardons Trump might hand out — for himself or members of his family, for example — are good only for federal charges that might be on the horizon. He has no say over what states might do.

I am guessing, therefore, that the president-elect is lying low to give Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. time to conclude whether he wants to indict and then prosecute the former president for assorted campaign finance violations.

That’s just a hunch on my part. What the heck. Hasn’t Donald Trump framed his non-response to the pandemic on a “hunch” that it will just vanish? My own hunch might be as worthless as Trump’s pandemic hunch … but I am free to offer it as a possible explanation for President Biden’s pledge to keep his hands off Trump’s troubles.

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