Trump making it clear: He won’t attend Biden inaugural


Donald J. Trump is making it abundantly clear to me that he has no intention of attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration in just 49 days.

He is seeking to hamstring the new president’s foreign policy initiatives; he sowing seeds of distrust in the system that elected Biden president of the United States; he won’t accept publicly that Biden won the election; Trump dug in his heels on triggering the transition to the Biden team.

Does he intend, therefore, to shake the new president’s hand, wish him well, leave a nice note in the Resolute Desk drawer for Biden to read when he walks into the Oval Office? Hah! Not even close.

Actually, I don’t want to see Donald Trump on the Capitol stage. I don’t want to see any vestige of the administration he cobbled together, then dismantled before leaving office.

I am one American patriot who wants Trump to leave the White House as soon as possible. He need not stay there for the duration of his time in office. He can do any of his presidential duties from afar … not that he’s seemingly interested in performing any of them.

As I watch the lame-duck president flail about looking for voter fraud that simply does not exist, I become more convinced daily that he has no interest in promoting the smooth transition from one administration to another.

All is far from lost, though. You see, the new president knows government forward and backward, inside and out, up and down. Joe Biden is forming the new government without the help he otherwise might expect from a predecessor who gave a damn about the country he was elected to lead.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the country. He cares only about himself. I do not expect him to attend the inaugural for the man who whipped him in the presidential election.

You know what? I am totally fine with that.

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