Incoherence anyone?


I cannot possibly be the only person who thought this, but I’ll offer this brief observation anyway.

Donald Trump refuses to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, saying the election is “far from over.” He is filing lawsuits and challenging the results of an election that shows Biden leading with 5 million more ballots and a substantial Electoral College majority.

Got that? Now, then there’s this:

Donald Trump has told advisers and others close to him that he is considering whether to run for president in 2024.

When I heard that I went, huh? What? Eh? Which is it?

If he’s thinking about running in 2024, isn’t that a tacit admission that he lost the 2020 contest?

Therefore, what we are seeing from Donald Trump and his team is an incoherent, unhinged and baseless legal “strategy” that pretends to seek proof that the election was “rigged,” that it is “corrupt” and that millions of voters cast ballots “illegally.”

That well might sum up the presidency of Donald John Trump Sr. to the letter. 

2 thoughts on “Incoherence anyone?”

  1. What he’s doing is showing the fraud in our voting system, especially with massive mail ballots. Will it change the outcome, probably not. If the fraud isn’t exposed, mainstream media won’t even try, how do we trust the system moving forward? We are considered the best nation in the world. How can we hold that title if we can’t have a honest, trusting voting system. It’s 2020 and we still think paper and snail mail is the best, and safest, way to vote? That’s absolutely ridiculous!!!

  2. Oh, I hope he runs again. It fun watching you guys piss all over yourselves! LOL

    I would rather someone actually worthy to run this country would step. Surely we can do better than Trump or Hunter’s dad.

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