TDS? Who … me?

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A frequent and persistent critic of this blog has accused me of suffering from something called “Trump derangement syndrome,” whatever that means.

I don’t actually know this fellow; we’ve never met face to face, but he reads my blog and I presume he thinks he “knows” me better than most folks. Whatever.

I’ll cop to a couple of points he keeps making. He thinks I am driven exclusively by my “hatred” for Donald J. Trump. I won’t attempt to change his mind on that point, so we’ll just agree to disagree on this matter: I do not hate Trump; I do hate what he stands for, which to my eye is self-enrichment. To the extent that I hate the kind of presidency he has cobbled together, I will acknowledge that it has consumed me for the past, oh, four years.

There. I hope my critic will acknowledge my, um, acknowledgment. I won’t expect it.

I have sought to make this point about Trump, which is that my constant criticism of him is driven by my love for the United States of America. I am going to presume that the point has been lost on my critics, all of ’em!

I went to war for my country. I stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I will never “take a knee” during the National Anthem to lodge a political protest; it ain’t my style, man. I have voted in every presidential election since 1972. I pay my taxes on time; oh, and I have paid my “fair share” of taxes for as long as I’ve been a working stiff, unlike at least one prominent politician who happens to be seeking re-election to the nation’s highest office.

So, there you go. I am angry at Donald Trump not because I hate him, but because I love my country.

Are we clear on that? Good. Now, let’s get over this election.

5 thoughts on “TDS? Who … me?”

  1. John, you gotta be kidding me !! Self enrichment by Trump ? I know you are a proud veteran !! Do you not believe Bobulinski ?

  2. I totally agree wt you John. I love my country, but I hate what Trump is doing to it. At every turn he damages another department…Interior water air National monuments like Bears Ears, Labor, against civil servants who have given their whole lives to service to this country, the Post Offuce, the Department of education, and after several others we come to the Covid19 pandemic which is killing thousands of our fellow citizens. He has twisted everything to make money and make a name for himself! Yeah you are so right…we dont hate the man we hate what hes doing to America! Bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan???Not a word!!!

  3. I’ve never doubted your love of country. I am thankful for your service. From what I’ve read for four years, there has to be hate towards Trump based on lack of acknowledgment for what he has accomplished. You listen to only a couple of news sources and you assume they are correct and no one else. Your lack of even investigating Bobulinski‘a story but acknowledging, believing, a low level “anonymous” whistle blower that had virtually no contact with Reump says a lot.

    And, there’s the fact that you nitpick on things about Trump that have nothing to do with his Presidency. You occasionally knock his followers. No wonder there’s division. What happened to the times we could have differing opinions?

    I don’t think Trump is the best human being. But I do feel he’s a UA great deal for our country and peace around the world. He got hit with a pandemic and did things to help even while being chastised by the media, Democrats and bloggers like yourself. The economy is bouncing back because he won’t quit and give in to democrats continually saying we’ve got to shut down to stop this thing. He’s got PPE’s to areas that had a shortage from previous administration. He is pushing companies to work harder and faster than they ever have. He’s pushing heavily to make America independent from other countries, unlike previous administration.

    You can make out your “critics” as the bad guy and that we don’t love our country (that’s implied the way you phrased your criticisms), but we feel the way we do for the love of country by acknowledging Trump isn’t a great person, but gave up a near perfect life to help restore America to the powerhouse it once was.

    Have a great day!

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