Pathological narcissism?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis)

We were chatting with friends tonight about this and that when the subject turned to Donald J. Trump.

Specifically, we chatted for a moment about Trump’s inability or unwillingness to mourn the deaths of more than 215,000 Americans from a killer virus.

I noted to our friends that the most astonishing aspect of Trump’s lack of empathy or compassion is that the man himself has lost a member of his family to tragic circumstances. His brother Fred died of alcohol abuse. So, Donald Trump — one could presume — could relate to the pain of others who have lost loved ones to a disease.

Then one of our friends offered an astute observation. “There is some serious pathology going on here,” he said. “Trump is a narcissist,” he said, and narcissism doesn’t allow Trump to exhibit the kind of empathy one would expect from most individuals.

Instead, Trump continues to insist, as he did again today, that we are “turning the corner” on the killer virus despite reports from more than 30 states that illness is surging right along with death from the coronavirus.

We are turning no corners. None. It’s worsening. We still do not have a national plan to attack the illness and to save lives.

Meanwhile, a president who should know better than to say “it is what it is” continues to exhibit an outrageous lack of concern for those among us who are suffering grievous misery.

One thought on “Pathological narcissism?”

  1. No national plan? So, all these labs across the country are working on the next flavor of Coke? I agree he’s a narcissist. But, he doesn’t take crap from anyone, including his own party. He gets things done even thought Democrats have never had a “peaceful turnover of power” and the media is 1000% pushing the left’s narrative.

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