Yes, Trump is a racist

I tried for all I was worth to avoid hanging the racist label on Donald J. Trump.

This effort came in the wake of the individual’s history of hateful rhetoric aimed at African-Americans, Latinos and even Asians.

Trump has pushed me over the proverbial cliff with his latest birther non-response to questions that have arisen regarding U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris.

Trump is a racist. There. I’ve said it. I also mean it.

Trump was given a chance yet again this past weekend to disavow the hideous lie that the first African-American/South Asian to run as a major-party vice-presidential candidate is not qualified because of her citizenship. He did not say what he should have said, which was: Of course she’s qualified and I welcome her to the campaign. 

Trump danced around the question and said it was beyond his scope to comment. Ridiculous!

Trump fomented the birther lie about President Obama, the first black president of the United States. Now he’s doing the same thing to Sen. Harris. Obama was born in Honolulu; Harris was born in Oakland, Calif. They both are U.S. citizens. The discussion should end. The president, though, keeps it alive by refusing the declare categorically that this rumor is a racist rant.

Instead, Donald Trump takes his place among the racists.


3 thoughts on “Yes, Trump is a racist”

  1. A man that’s done more for minorities than any President in decades. You need to double check your definition of racist. Look at accomplishments, not CNN!

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