Does he really care about those who adore him? Umm, no!

Donald J. Trump is proceeding full throttle to stage that rally in Tulsa.

He intends to pack 19,000 adherents into an arena Saturday to hear him rant and roar about Democrats, the media, John Bolton … and God knows who or what else.

Let me pose this question: Do you think Donald Trump gives a rat’s a** about those who will flock to Tulsa to hear his incoherent riff?

I say “no!” Here’s why.

Trump is going to ask folks to sign a waiver that says if they get sick from COVID-19 that they can’t sue him. The Tulsa mayor says, moreover, that any rational person would stay away from an indoor rally while infection from COVID-19 is spiking throughout Oklahoma. Despite all of that, Donald Trump is intent on staging this rally.

Why? Because he wants to produce the photo op that will be broadcast around the country to advance his re-election effort.

Does he give a crap about the health and well-being of those who will cheer him on? No … way! Good luck to you all. Just remember that Donald John Trump cares far less about you than you care about him.