Decisions made in ‘living rooms’

Leave it to David Brooks, one of the smarter pundits around, to put a lot of matters into perspective as we battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Brooks, who writes a column for The New York Times and is a “conservative” half of the commentary tandem with Mark Shields on PBS’s “NewsHour,” said the decisions being made in state capitols and in Washington don’t matter all that much.

These decisions about whether to join the “reopening” of the economy nationally, he said, are being made “in living rooms” across the nation.

Boy howdy, Dave.

That’s the case in our home out there in the middle of Trump Country. My wife and I essentially are blowing off the “advice” coming from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who continues to relax the restrictions he imposed in March as the pandemic began killing people around the world.

We aren’t eating in restaurants; we aren’t yet returning to the gym; we are leery about returning to church; we’re continuing to wear masks; we continue to wash surfaces we touch when we venture beyond our home; we certainly are keeping an appropriate “social distancing” level.

Do we like living this way? Of course not! We do, though, like the good health we enjoy and we intend to keep enjoying it for as long as is humanly possible.

Yes, we made these decisions in our living room.