Duck Dynasty dad … one more time

OK, this will be my final comment on Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty daddy who got suspended because he told a magazine interviewer he thinks homosexuality is a sin.

Robertson is the 67-year-old patriarch of a family that’s featured on the A&E television network. A&E suspended Robertson from the show after his interview in GQ magazine appeared. He cited Scripture as informing his views on homosexuality, which I have to believe was well-known by the brass at A&E when they hired the Robertson clan on to do the “Duck Dynasty” reality series.

My question of the day is this: If A&E knew Robertson to be a deeply devout Christian who believes in the words written in the Holy Bible, why did it have to suspend him for speaking his mind about an issue related to his faith?

Did he surprise the high command at A&E with this revelation?

I’m wondering now whether Robertson violated some agreement that prohibited him or anyone in his family from being interviewed by other media outlets — and that is why the network took him off the show.

I haven’t heard that one.

A&E has stepped in it with this suspension. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, the network should have known what it was buying when it signed the Robertson family on for this gig. My hunch is that it knew all along.

There. I’m done now.