Trump bowing out of daily rants provides confusing reactions

Oh, the confusion I am feeling at this moment trying to digest the news that Donald Trump might not be delivering his daily rants inside the White House press briefing room.

I stopped calling them “briefings” because they long ago ceased providing any useful information related to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

So now we hear that after Trump’s disastrous off-the-cuff riff about ingesting “disinfectants” to get rid of the deadly viral infection, the White House has reportedly persuaded POTUS to cool it with the daily appearances. Trump put out a Twitter message that suggested it’s his idea, that the media are asking too many nasty questions.

The confusion treks along several lines of thought.

Trump’s poll numbers appear to be slipping. Donald Trump’s daily rants are hurting his re-election chances, according to pundits, pollsters and politicians. Accordingly, given my disdain for this fellow, I am torn between wanting him to keep blathering and babbling incoherently to create for the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden a clearer path to defeating this clown.

Trump is prone to say something dangerous if he continues. Thus, if he keeps delivering nonsense, he might say something that puts more American lives in dire peril. You see what I mean here? I don’t give a damn about Trump’s poll numbers, other than to see them continue to slide. I do give a damn, though, about whether this idiot will say something even more stupid than he did when he was “thinking out loud” about whether applying “disinfectants” would kill the virus “in a minute.”

Leave it to the medical experts to tell us what we need to know. I’m all in there. Donald Trump has some first-rate medical and scientific minds at his disposal. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a first-class infectious disease expert. Dr. Deborah Birx has done great work on HIV/AIDS research. Dr. Robert Redfield runs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is a clear-headed thinker. Trump doesn’t listen to them. He prefers to hog the spotlight and say things that, well, make millions of us cringe; one of them, Dr. Birx, was caught on camera struggling mightily to control her facial muscles while Trump ran off at the mouth about disinfectants. 

I guess where I land is for Donald Trump just to keep his trap shut. Don’t discuss issues about which he knows nothing. He has inflicted enough damage already. I hope the damage is enough to doom his re-election. Meanwhile, the medical team working inside the White House can keep us informed on ways to protect ourselves and those we love.