Get ready, Mr. VPOTUS, for the fight of your life

I hope, Joe Biden, you don’t mind a bit of unsolicited advice from someone out here in the heart of Trump Country.

Look, I’m all in on your presidential candidacy. I’ve said so on this blog, Mr. Vice President. Readers of High Plains Blogger know my bias and they either accept/endorse it or they reject/condemn it.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I want to express a deep concern I have for you as you enter what’s essentially a two-man race with Bernie Sanders. I hear you’re going to debate Sen. Sanders soon in advance of another round of primary states.

Therein lies the crux of my concern.

If I were you, Mr. VP, I would hire a debate coach … pronto. You see, I am concerned that you might get too worked up as Bernie lobs grenades at you. I mean, you know already what he’s going to say about you and to you while you’re standing next to each other. Let me refresh you on that:

He’ll accuse you of being in the pocket of zillionaires; he’ll criticize your vote in support of the Iraq War resolution; he’ll say you’ve argued on the Senate floor to cut Social Security and Medicare; he will say you’re the tool of the “Democratic establishment”; for all I know, he might even ask you if you’ve “stopped beating your wife.”

Get ready for that line of attack, Mr. Vice President. You need to be prepared for it. You need a storehouse of zingers. Do you remember the classic “You’re no Jack Kennedy” line that Lloyd Bentsen tossed at Dan Quayle in 1988? I know, it didn’t win the election for the Democrats that year, but Sen. Bentsen was ready to deliver it.

And for criminy sakes, Mr. VP, don’t get so worked up in your responses that you say something silly, or regrettable or … well, stupid!

Political contests usually aren’t won by debating points, but history tells us they can be lost by mistakes and gaffes.

I’m in your corner, Mr. Vice President. If you see this note, take careful heed. If someone on your staff sees, I hope they take it in the spirit I offer this advice.

I am just one American who wants Donald John Trump tossed out of office. I believe you’re the last candidate standing who can make my wish come true.

Don’t mess it up.