Keep it simple: Get rid of these caucuses!

I just have to say something without any equivocation.

This Iowa caucus kerfuffle, this SNAFU, the chaos and confusion, has my head spinning. I feel like the Linda Blair character in “The Exorcist.”

We need to return to a simpler, more straightforward way of selecting our presidential candidates. Let’s just rely on actual voters casting votes on actual ballots. Let’s also just do away with “apps” that have the potential of blowing this process to smithereens, which is what has happened in Iowa.

Iowa Democratic Party officials blame the blowup on a technical mistake. They have said throughout this mess that no one hacked into our system; no one sabotaged it; there has been apparently no “foreign interference.”

But get this: The Department of Homeland Security offered to run this app through its paces prior to the actual caucus, but the party bosses in Iowa declined! Bad call, Iowa Democrats.

Here’s yet another point to ponder. The Russians who interfered in our 2016 presidential election, then interfered in our 2018 midterm election and are ramping up their attack strategy for the 2020 election can take a measure of “credit” for sowing the seeds of mistrust, distrust and angst at our electoral system.

The screw-up in Iowa only feeds that uncertainty. Indeed, the anxiety is stuffing itself on the incompetence demonstrated by the Iowa Democratic Party.

I want to say it again, with passion: No more of these idiotic caucuses. Let us pick our presidential nominees with votes cast on ballots

One thought on “Keep it simple: Get rid of these caucuses!”

  1. When & where else will people have the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss our shared current reality? Some people might even feel it’s a responsibility in a democratic process, certainly the ancient Greeks did.

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