‘Disloyal,’ Mr. President? To whom?

Donald John Trump’s mouth has taken him off the road and into the ditch yet again.

This time the president has declared that Jewish voters who support Democrats are lacking in “knowledge” or — and this is the best part by far — are “disloyal.”

Yes, he says Democratic-leaning Jewish voters are “disloyal.”

Now, it is totally fair to ask the president what he means precisely when he accuses American citizens who cast their votes for Democratic Party candidates of being disloyal. To whom are they “disloyal,” Mr. President? To you? To the nation? To your party? To themselves? All of the above?

This is just another disgraceful example of the president popping off to reporters without knowing what the hell he’s saying, what he’s talking about or having a clue as to the offensiveness of his remarks.

Trump went off in remarks to reporters on another riff about two Muslim members of Congress, Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. He’s been on their case lately, stemming from his pleading with Israel to deny them entry into that country. The Israelis actually acceded to the president’s request, then backed and granted Tlaib entry; Tlaib then canceled her visit to the West Bank.

So what in blazes is Donald Trump trying to say about Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats?

That “disloyalty” canard is just more dangerous rhetoric from a totally dangerous politician.

One thought on “‘Disloyal,’ Mr. President? To whom?”

  1. This is one of Trump’s more idiotic statements. This country was founded on our right to vote for our leadership. So we have to right to vote for the candidate who best represents their views…… even if they vote the opposite or another’s views. Not everyone agrees with Trumps’ views, or Republican Views or Democratic views. I’m somewhere in between, I do not always agree with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. (Some people may prefer anarchy, but I’m still hoping someday, we will have a government that represents the people, over special interests.)

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