‘She’s not my type’?

OK, Mr. President, here is what I heard you say in response to the allegation from writer E. Jean Carroll that you attacked her some years ago.

She says you raped her. You contend it didn’t happen.

Then you said, “She’s not my type.”

Is that some sort of an admission, Mr. President, that if E. Jean Carroll was your “type” that you might have, oh, sought to have your way with her? I mean, you admitted to such boorish behavior in that “Access Hollywood” interview you did in 2005 with Billy Bush, correct? That was you on the recording who said you could grab women by their “pu***,” because you’re such a “celebrity.” Wasn’t it?

Of course, no one can corroborate what she accused you of doing, although a couple of individuals she allegedly told at the time have confirmed that she did tell them “in the moment” that you did what she alleged. Oh, and your statement about having never “met” her has been more or less debunked by that picture of the two of you yukking it up; I believe your first wife Ivana is present in the picture, too. Hey, maybe we ought to ask her. Don’t you think?

This “not my type” denial, Mr. President, is your typically crass response to these serious allegations.

It just goes to show — at least it does to me — what a sickening individual you are.