Here we go again, another sexual assault allegation against POTUS

Oh, brother. It never seems to stop.

I believe the number of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault has risen to 15. The latest accusation comes from a journalist who said the future president of the United States attacked her in 1995 in a dressing room.

The woman’s name is E. Jean Carroll, who was writing for Elle magazine at the time. Trump was married to the second of his three wives when the incident allegedly occurred.

Trump, quite naturally, denies the event occurred. He denies even meeting Carroll. Except that the accuser has produced a picture showing her with her husband at the time meeting Trump and his then-wife, Ivana, around 1987.

I must point out that Carroll is a Democrat. She voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She has given money to Emily’s List, a group formed to promote female candidates for public office.

Still, this accusation is troubling in the extreme. What I find so amazing about it is that Carroll’s story mirrors what Trump said in 2006, that he was able to grab women by their genitals because of his “celebrity” status. Yep, the infamous “Access Hollywood” recording lays out what Trump has acknowledged being able to do.

Now we have a woman who has come forward. She says Trump actually raped her. And, oh yes, she still has the clothing she was wearing at the time of the alleged attack … and she says she’s never washed it!

Well now. Where do you suppose this story might go?