How about that DJIA, Mr. POTUS?

Donald J. Trump keeps telling us about his business acumen and, I presume, his wisdom about big-ticket market activity.

So, why does he keep yapping about something that has happened dozens of times while he has been president?

He tweeted self-congratulations when the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 25,000 points. He did the same thing a year ago. He’s done it several times.

The DJIA has this cyclical aspect to it. The Dow goes up. It goes down. The president is delighted to tell us when the Dow climbs. He falls into a Twitter stupor when it plummets.

How active was Trump when the Dow was cratering though much of December 2018? We heard the proverbial crickets.

Now the Dow is back up. Trump is all over it. He’s taking credit he doesn’t deserve. In actuality, that doesn’t bother me so much any longer. What’s annoying is that a guy with all those business smarts (allegedly) is getting worked up over a recurring fiscal event.

One thought on “How about that DJIA, Mr. POTUS?”

  1. The press should be the last to criticize, particularly since the PRESS engages in the same information. Look at the misleading headlines created by the press. THE DOW FELL 650 POINTS. Yes, it fell 650 points or 26 one hundredths of a percent. But which headline will create the most anxiety of the reader. If the press can exaggerate the truth in a negative way, why can’t the President exaggerate the truth in a positive way? Is it any reason I have no trust in politicians or the press?

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