Is POTUS out of his mind?

Donald Trump’s appointment of a partisan hack as acting U.S. attorney general makes me wonder: Has the president lost his mind or does he know precisely what he’s doing?

Matthew Whitaker has no more business than I do as being the acting chief law enforcement officer of the United States. The AG — acting or permanent — must be above reproach. He or she must be squeaky clean.

Whitaker is known on the basis of his own rhetoric to oppose the investigation that is underway into the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russian operatives who attacked our electoral system in 2016. He has no business, therefore, managing the department that appointed Robert Mueller to lead that investigation. Mueller got the call because the former attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from anything to do with Russia.

Trump’s appointment of Whitaker as acting AG has sent a clear signal to Mueller that he intends to do something to impede the investigation. I suppose one can hope that the signal hasn’t been lost on Mueller; I’m quite sure the former FBI director has received the signal loudly and clearly. Therefore, I expect him to expedite the conclusion of his investigation.

That take me back to my initial question. It think the answer is twofold. Yes, the president’s butter has slipped off his noodle. Yes, he also knows what he’s doing.

He is doubly dangerous.