DeNiro sinks to Trump’s level

They’re still chattering a bit about Robert DeNiro’s weird outburst against Donald John Trump.

DeNiro, the Oscar-winning actor, took the stage at the Tony Awards and then bellowed “f*** Trump!” He drew huge cheers, including a standing ovation from the crowd jammed into the theater.

No surprise there, right?

I have been stewing about it since Sunday night. Here’s my conclusion.

DeNiro sank to Donald J. Trump’s level of insult. At a time when we need to lift up the quality of discourse, we had an actor — and a noted one at that — decide to drop an f-bomb on national TV.

We need some nobility in our political discussion. We don’t need to answer Donald Trump’s frequently juvenile, puerile insults with profane rants. It lends not a single constructive element to anything other than to rouse cheers, hoots and hollering.

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