Mme. First Lady, this is in your wheelhouse

First lady Melania Trump has put the word out: She wants to take on cyber bullying as her signature effort as the wife of the president of the United States.

So, here we are: A foul-mouthed comedian gets Donald Trump’s base all fired up with her intemperate remarks; the president fires back on Twitter attacking her and the venue in which she delivered her remarks; he also attacks the former FBI director on Twitter and says he should be in jail.

The bullying is rampant. It’s out of control!

Isn’t this squarely in the wheelhouse of what the first lady said she wants to eradicate? Sure, she spoke initially about the bullying of children. That truly is a noble cause. I truly do wish the first lady well on that part of her campaign.

But her husband continues to wage cyber war against his foes, threatening them, bullying them, insulting them.

Mrs. Trump still needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband about what he’s doing, how he’s undermining her effort to deal squarely with what she describes as a national crisis.

Oh, wait a minute. A “heart-to-heart” discussion presumes both parties possess a heart from which to speak.

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