Trump said he wouldn’t take vacations … honestly!

Watch This Video Where Donald Trump Says He’ll “Never Take Vacations” [WATCH HERE]

Take a look at this video. It’s only a few seconds in length.

It shows presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and a former Republican Party primary opponent, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Trump is pledging he’ll never take vacations. The job of president, he said, is too big. It’s too important. It’s too demanding for the president to take any vacations.


What’s he done since becoming president? He’s jetted off aboard Air Force One to his posh resort in South Florida. Oh yes ! He’s played a lot of golf, too.

I don’t begrudge him the time off, or the golf.

I do begrudge him for, um, telling yet another lie about how he intended to conduct himself as president of the United States.

Hey, I know it’s no big deal. But really … ?