Follow your boss’ lead, Mr. Vice President

Former President Bush has it right, and ex-VP Cheney has it wrong.

Bush ventured this week to Calgary, Alberta, and told his audience in his first post-presidential speech that President Obama “deserves my silence,” meaning that he isn’t going to criticize his successor’s handling of the myriad problems he inherited when he took office on Jan. 20. The 43rd president is following the lead of his father, the 41st president.

Good for him. He’s had his time on the mountaintop. It’s time to let the new guy lead the greatest nation on the planet. And, oh yes, President Bush wishes President Obama well and hopes he succeeds in his efforts — unlike some in his Republican Party who wish failure on the president.

Now for Cheney. The former veep continues to pop off. He questions whether Obama’s policies will keep us safe. He second-guesses the policy decisions handed down by the White House.

President Obama deserves Vice President Cheney’s silence as well.

Come to think of it, the rest of us deserve it too.