This image burns deeply


Of all the images we’ve seen during this wild, wacky and weird presidential election, perhaps none resonates with more people than the one of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump mocking a reporter.

You see the picture here. Trump is gesturing in a way that mimics Serge Kovaleski’s disability. Kovaleski is a reporter with the New York Times; he suffers from arthrogryposis, which inhibits movement of his joints.

Trump and Kovaleski got into a beef over an article the reporter wrote in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Trump used the article to contend falsely that “thousands of Muslims” cheered the collapse of the World Trade Center.

But here’s the thing: While criticizing Kovaleski’s response to Trump’s false assertion of what he reported initially, the candidate decided to flail his arms around to mimic the reporter’s disability.

It was an unconscionable and profoundly stupid demonstration of insensitivity.

Concern over this act by the candidate was tossed aside by his supporters during the GOP primary campaign as being overblown and overhyped.

Well, here’s a video showing Trump doing what his primary supporters said was, well, no big deal:

You can be the judge of what you see here.

I’ve made mine already. What I see is someone who purports to want to become the leader of the greatest nation on Earth.

To my eyes and ears, this individual — Trump — isn’t qualified to clean the White House toilets.

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