MPEV uses cover a multitude of events


Center City of Amarillo sent out an e-mail overnight reminding residents of what’s about to transpire downtown.

The first of a series of community events will commence around noon today at the Potter County Courthouse grounds. They call it High Noon on the Square.

I’ve been to a few of them over the years. They play music, serve catered lunches. It’s a good way to catch up with folks and enjoy the great out of doors.

Then it dawned on me — again! We’ve got this multipurpose event venue looming down the road. You’ve heard about it. It’s morphed into “the ballpark” that eventually — officials hope — will become the home field for an affiliated minor-league baseball team; the current favorite to take up residents in the ballpark is the San Antonio Missions, which will vacate the Alamo City eventually as the another team moves in.

The MPEV, though, isn’t to be considered the exclusive domain of the baseball team.

High Noon on the Square could occur there. Center City no doubt will consider changing the name of the noontime event, given that it wouldn’t take place on “the square” if it moves to the MPEV.

Indeed, by definition the “MPEV” should be home to, um, “multiple events,” correct?

Those who have backed the concept have listed a variety of such events for the MPEV: concerts, church events, car shows, flea markets … all manner of events.

I surely get that not everyone is on board. I’m expecting to get my share of retorts from cynics/skeptics who think the MPEV is a waste of time and money. That’s their view … not mine.

There appears to be some progress being made. The Local Government Corporation has been given its mandate to come up with design plans for the project; the LGC is negotiating with that baseball club to get an agreement to move here.

Much work lies ahead.

I am still committed to supporting the MPEV concept and the possibilities for the myriad activities that can occur there.

Let’s get busy.