This City Hall ‘change’ sounds constructive

ama city council

Three new Amarillo City Council members pledged “change” would come to City Hall when they were elected earlier this year.

Some of it has been counterproductive. The arguments and bickering have been distracting if not downright destructive. Two of the new council members took office and then started calling for immediate change at the top of the city administrative chain of command.

The latest effort at change, though, is worth supporting.

The council wants to start meeting at 6 p.m. each Tuesday. The aim is to allow more residents to attend these sessions. The 3 p.m. meeting time made it difficult at times for working men and women to break away from their jobs to hear the discussions taking place at City Hall.

An after-hours meeting time is more conducive to public involvement.

That element of change is worthwhile.

Indeed, it well might expose more residents to the occasional fits of petulance that shows itself among City Council members. Then again, with more people in the audience, the council members might tend to exhibit better behavior.

Still, improving public access to the public’s business is a good thing.

Well done.