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Hey, Lt. Gov. Patrick … have you awarded any dough?

By JOHN KANELIS / johnkanelis_92@hotmail.com

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, one of the charter members of the state’s Republican Party loony bin brigade, recently offered a reward for anyone who could produce evidence of vote fraud in Texas.

From what I have been able to gather, he hasn’t had to pay up.

Imagine that, eh? Why do you suppose Patrick has gone silent? I reckon it’s because no one has come forward with evidence of fraud. Not even a little bit of it, let alone “widespread voter fraud” of the type that Donald J. Trump keeps yapping about.

Texas registered a tremendous voter turnout in this year’s presidential election, with more than 11 million of us casting ballots. Trump carried the state by less than 6 percent. In Collin County, where I live — a county known for its rock-ribbed Republican standing — Trump won by just 4.4 percent.

The election was conducted with the usual professionalism that counties across the state perform.

Yet there was Lt. Gov. Patrick making a big show out of the most hideous non-story of this entire election cycle. He dangled money in front of Texans seeking to lure someone to come forward with evidence of vote fraud.

This is all part of the same sham and scam that Trump is unloading on the national democratic process. It’s the stuff of idiots, conspiracy theorists, dimwits, dipsh**s and certifiable loons.

Dan Patrick can rest easy now. He won’t have to pay anyone a nickel.