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Stalkers getting their rear ends kicked


Sportscaster Erin Andrews has just won a $55 million award from a jury that ruled her privacy was invaded while she stayed in a hotel.

Someone recorded her in the nude while she was in her hotel room and then sent the video into cyberspace.

I can’t think of anyone who isn’t cheering that verdict. I hope she gets every penny, although it’s not likely she will.

There’s more.

Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan was recorded having sex with his best friend’s wife. That video was sent out, too.

The Hulkster is suing a publication for invading his privacy.

I have much less sympathy for Hogan — who’s real name is Terry Bollea — simply because of the nature of the video in question. I need not elaborate.

However, I do believe his privacy is as protected as Erin Andrews’ privacy. I hope he wins his suit.

And get a load of what the former editor of Gawker.com, which sent the video of Hogan/Bollea into cyberspace, told a jury today. He said the only people whose privacy should be honored in such a manner are children. At what age? He said 4 years of age. Five-year-olds? Hey, no sweat. They’re fair game.

Here’s how the New York Times reported the testimony:

“Can you imagine a situation where a celebrity sex tape would not be newsworthy?” asked the lawyer, Douglas E. Mirell.

“If they were a child,” Mr. (Albert) Daulerio replied.

“Under what age?” the lawyer pressed.


Holy smokes, dude!

The Times reported that there was an audible gasp in the courtroom. Gee, do you think?

The testimony almost turns Hulk Hogan into a truly sympathetic character.


The Hulkster says he’s sorry … now


Et, tu … Hulk Hogan?

The list of big-mouth celebrities who say things they shouldn’t say has grown by one very intriguing personality.

Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, said some things years ago that have just come out. The pro wrestling association that hired Hogan, World Wrestling Entertainment, has essentially terminated him. It’s taken the Hulkster’s image off its website.


Hogan says he’s sorry.

Granted, it wasn’t one of those “If I’ve offended anyone … ” apologized straight out. He said he’s sorry. No qualifiers. No mealy-mouthiness about it.

I’m glad about that. Then said this, in a statement to People magazine: “This is not who I am. I believe very strongly that every person in the world is important and should not be treated differently based on race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise. I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”

This is not who I am?

You hear that occasionally from celebrities who say offensive things. They disavow the comments, as if someone put them into a trance and put some sort of post-hypnotic spell on them to make them say things they otherwise wouldn’t say.

I fear that whatever Bollea-Hogan said — and I haven’t seen precisely what it was — that he meant it at the time.

Did he change his view of individuals, or groups of individuals?

I have no idea.

But when you make patently offensive statements and you sully the reputation of your employer — which might sound strange when referring to an organization that promotes fake “wrestling” and showcases women as sex objects — well, then you pay the price.

As an old friend and colleague once told me: You cannot unhonk the horn.