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‘Race-baiting’? Please

There’s no real need to say much more than what’s in this blog about the Charleston, S.C., carnage.

Jim Mitchell writes for the Dallas Morning News and he devoted the following post to answering someone who accused him of “race-baiting.”


Mitchell is on-point in telling the letter writer that he/she is trying to deflect responsibility of what happened in Charleston by saying it was allegedly committed by a “deranged white man.”

Nine people are dead. They are victims of a mass murderer. He concludes: “Let’s stop playing games of racial original sins, and recognize that racial tensions are denying this country of the opportunity to reach new heights for all Americans. That’s not race-baiting. That’s asking for justice and fairness, nothing more and nothing less.”

Now, let us continue to pray for our country and for the souls of those who were lost.