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Pledge for the ages

Rhetoric uttered in anger and pain, while we are grieving, does at times develop a certain staying power.

Right after 9/11, President Bush stood amid the rubble of what once were the Twin Towers in New York City, draped his arm around a firefighter and told the world through a bullhorn: “I hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

Twenty years later, 13 American servicemen and women died when an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at Kabul airport where the United States has been conducting an evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies.

President Biden looked sternly straight ahead and said: “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

And so, there you have yet another statement for the ages born out of extreme anguish and pain.


Don the Grifter needs to shut his pie hole

I resisted offering a comment when I first saw this.

Then I surrendered to the tendency to call Donald Trump Jr. what I know him to be: a worthless piece of sh** grifter who doesn’t know strength when it slaps him in his puss.

Don Jr. decided to take President Biden to task this week for becoming emotional as he spoke to the nation about the hideous terror attack at Kabul airport. Thirteen U.S. servicemen died in a suicide attack.

Did Junior offer a word of sympathy for the families? Did he exhort the president to make good on his pledge to make the terrorists “pay” for the heinous act? No. Instead he tweeted a picture of a sullen, somber president looking down as he sought to collect his thoughts and emotion while addressing a nation in mourning.

“This is what weakness looks like,” Don Jr. said in a message accompanying he .

I want to take this idiot to task only because he is the eldest son of the 45th president. He also is as much of a flim-flam scammer as his old man. He reportedly has taken Joe Biden to task because — and this is fabulous! — he was seen kissing his own son, Hunter, during a 2020 ceremony. What the … ?

I hope this is the final time I will comment on any matter involving Don Jr. or his siblings. My hope, though, is unlikely to deter me from commenting on the next pronouncement of utter stupidity that flies out of this moron’s mouth.


Flags come down, nation mourns

Flags all across Princeton, Texas, are down this morning.

President Biden ordered the flags at the White House and all federal buildings lowered to half-staff to honor the victims of the ISIS attack at the Kabul airport. It looks to me as though businesses and local governments all over the nation are following the lead.

Too often we have seen these flags lowered because of school shootings or some other tragedy involving gun violence in this country. This one is vastly different, but no less tragic to be sure.

Our Marines and an Army warrior died when a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb at the airport. He killed dozens o Afghans along with our heroes who were helping with the evacuation of Americans and our allies from Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban takeover of that war-ravaged country.

Biden vows to end our evacuation on Aug. 31. I wish him well in that effort. There might be more terror attacks to come between now and then. The president vows to be on full alert to any hint of an attack.

He also has given the Islamic State warning. “We will hunt you down,” he told them, “and make you pay” for the misery they brought. I am quite sure many millions of Americans are going to hold him to that pledge.

Don’t let us down, Mr. President.

Meanwhile, we will grieve.