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What is MTG trying to do?

No need to answer the question I have posed in the headline … I believe I know what she is up to.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to make as much noise as possible, to disrupt the legislative flow in the People’s House and to prevent Congress from actually governing, which the Constitution allows it to do as a co-equal partner in the federal government.

MTG is a two-term congresswoman from Georgia who has managed to elbow her way to Americans’ attention simply because she is a certifiable nut job. I am left to wonder: How in the world did she get elected in the first place and then re-elected two years later?

She is calling for a motion to vacate the speakership held by fellow Republican Mike Johnson. Greene isn’t likely to succeed in the motion. It’s not that I really give a damn about Johnson. He is a MAGA cultist, just like Greene. His “sin” is that he has shown a desire to work with Democrats to actually legislate.

MTG will keep yammering, bellowing and carrying on. She will continue to obstruct in that bellicose manner she employs.

She also will continue to garner attention from folks like me who wonder: How does the House fulfill its constitutional duty to govern when it contains wackos like this?

House GOP only worsens its standing

Kevin McCarthy might have gone down as the worst-ever speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives … were it not for the arrival of Mike Johnson as his successor.

There you have it. The MAGA crowd that once demanded that McCarthy refuse to work with Democrats now has installed one of its brethren in Johnson. The mob of malevolent MAGA misfits ousted McCarthy because he had the balls to work with Democrats on funding the government … temporarily.

The MAGA crowd installed Johnson, who has shown no such proclivity. And what has it gotten the GOP caucus? Only more scorn from the rest of the non-MAGA voters out here in the country. Why is that?

Because Johnson, for one thing, refused to back a bipartisan bill that would have strengthened our southern border, something the speaker and his allies insisted on doing. Why do you suppose Johnson scampered into the tall grass? Because the immediate past POTUS who’s running for the office he lost in 2020 demanded it of him. The ex-POTUS did not want President Biden to score any political points prior to this fall’s election.

So, there you go. The speaker of the House works for the former POTUS and not “the people” he purports to represent as speaker.

Johnson is trying to “lead” the House with the narrowest of “majorities” imaginable. He cannot get his GOP caucus to agree on much of anything and he damn sure has no support among Democrats who, these days, are feeling their oats as they gain strength in the House.

And, of course, he faces the same threats of removal that eventually undid McCarthy’s brief tenure as speaker. He dares not do a damn thing to rile the MAGA mob, which I should add comprises a small minority of the total GOP caucus. But, oh man, it is a vocal crowd and manages somehow to outshout the rest of the legislative body at virtually every turn.

Do I wish for a McCarthy return to the House? Not even …

I do wish for a display of guts from his successor, who so far has shown himself to be a gutless wonder.

Hit the road, Santos!

If it weren’t for the fact that George Santos’s pending expulsion from the U.S. House puts the Republican majority in dire peril, I wouldn’t give a crap about the freshman New York lawmaker’s future.

He’s a piss-ant Republican back-bencher who lied his way into an elected office; then we have learned that he stole money from his campaign chest for personal use. The House ethics committee’s scathing report appears to have changed the minds of some congressmen and women who voted against expelling Santos in earlier votes.

What is truly astonishing, though, about this fraud’s counterattack has been the what-aboutism he is employing, suggesting that many of his colleagues also are “felons” who need to be exposed for the crimes he says they committed. Any proof? Hah! Nope. None, man.

This idiot has redefined political lying. He lied about his mother being victimized on 9/11, about his ancestors being victimized by Nazis during the Holocaust, his academic pedigree, his previous employment record … stop me before I forget something!

The guy is a first-class fraud. He has become a living, breathing late-night comics’ joke.

To think he’s been serving in Congress, in the People’s House.

Oh, how I hope the House gets rid of this bum.

GOP pols wising up?

Can it be that the Republican congressional caucus is wising up to the “Big Lie” and the party’s refusal to acknowledge the truth?

Two key GOP House members today announced their intention to step down when their current terms expire at the end of 2024: Ken Buck of Colorado and Kay Granger from over yonder in Fort Worth.

Buck’s announcement contained a criticism of GOP officeholders who continue to adhere to the Big Lie, that the 2020 election was stolen and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. He said the GOP’s refusal to concede that President Biden is the real deal has inhibited its ability to advance its legislative agenda.

He’s had enough, Buck said.

Granger said it is time for new leaders to emerge. She is 80 years old and has been a force among GOP House members.

The party needs to be revived, to return to its former self as a serious political organization, not a cult wedded to the dictatorial fantasies of a lying, cheating, philandering business mogul.

Buck and Granger might not signal that the tide is turning against the cult leader. Then again … they might perhaps will trigger more statements of indignation against those who foment the Big Lie.

MAGA Mike becomes speaker

What do we call the new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives? I think I’ll settle on MAGA Mike.

I should be happy that the People’s House now has a leader. I am not happy. Speaker Mike Johnson moved from the darkest of shadows into the spotlight quite literally overnight.

Today, with the entire GOP House caucus backing him, MAGA Mike emerged from the way-back bench to become the person who is third in line to become president of the United States of America.

What’s more, we have handed the gavel — and all the power it symbolizes — to an individual who continues to challenge the fact that Joe Biden was elected president of the United States in 2020 and that Donald Trump lost.

Yep, this is the nation’s first MAGA speaker of the House. He emerged after yet another embarrassing sequence of failed votes, of party nominees accepting the GOP call only to quit. The MAGA cult continued to make demands on the individuals it would support.

Then came Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana. He was elected to the House in 2016. He’s been re-elected three times. He doesn’t serve as a front-line leader on any committee. He’s just … there! Johnson shows up, given credence to Woody Allen’s credo that “95% of success starts when you just show up.”

Don’t look for Speaker Johnson to get rid of the rule that forced Kevin McCarthy out of the speakership, the one that empowers just a single House member to call for a vote to kick the speaker out of office. It was a MAGA demand that enabled McCarthy to be elected speaker in the first place — and it did him in.

So now we have MAGA Mike calling the shots in the House.

Is this a time to cheer? Hardly.

I’m going to pray for our country.

GOP set to lose House

I am going to venture gingerly out on the proverbial political limb to make an assertion about the future of the U.S. House.

It is that the Republicans’ razor-thin control of the lower legislative chamber is in serious danger of flipping back to Democratic control after the 2024 election.

Why is that? Because the Republican hierarchy that controls the House cannot function. It cannot elect a speaker after ousting the guy who once had the office. Failure to choose a speaker puts the shutdown of the federal government into even more jeopardy, meaning it is likely to occur.

Who will get the blame? The feckless Republican congressional leadership, that’s who! And they deserve it, too!

Rep. Jim Jordan, the unofficial chairman of the MAGA board in the House, will not be elected speaker, which is a good thing. The guy happens to be an election denier and an unindicted participant in the action on 1/6 spasm that threatened to overthrow the government.

The House does have an interim speaker, Patrick McHenry, who doesn’t want the job. To avoid the calamity of a government shutdown, the House might give McHenry some more power to at least get the legislative wheels turning to avoid the shutdown.

All of this sets up a potential rout in the 2024 congressional election. Democrats need to flip four seats to take back the House.

Bring it!

How to pick a House speaker

Do we have another multi-ballot marathon awaiting the U.S. House of Representatives as it seeks to find a new Man of the House?

Two frontrunners have emerged from the House GOP caucus: Bomb-thrower and Donald Trump sycophant Jim Jordan of Ohio and current No. 2 House Republican Steve Scalise of Louisiana. I don’t know who has the stroke to be elected. I detest both of them, although Scalise does bring a bit of sympathy to this process by virtue of his being damn near killed when that moron opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball team as it practiced for its annual charity game with the Democratic members.

It took the House 15 ballots to choose Kevin McCarthy as its speaker. His tenure ended recently when one of the MAGA nitwits, Matt Gaetz of Florida, objected to McCarthy striking a deal with Democrats to keep the government running. Gaetz filed a motion to “vacate” the speaker’s chair … and he won!

Well, let’s just hold on with both hands as the GOP-led House seeks to find a way to actually govern. I am not hopeful!

Texas GOP sounds battle cry

These are difficult times if you are a Republican speaker of a House of Representatives, whether on a state level — such as Texas s — or on the national level in D.C.

Kevin McCarthy was tossed out of his speaker’s chair in Washington by an angry MAGA moron — Rep. Matt Gaetz — who filed a motion to declare the speaker’s chair “vacant.” McCarthy made the deal with the MAGA cult … and it cost him!

Next up will be Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, a Beaumont Republican, who is set to open the House proceedings in the third special session called this year by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Except that Phelan is in trouble with his own caucus, too. He led a House of Reps that impeached Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with an overwhelming bipartisan vote. It turned out that the “will of the House” had its say. Then the Texas Senate acquitted Paxton on all the complaints filed against him.

There’s a move afoot in Austin to boot Phelan out of the speaker’s chair. Conservative lawmakers don’t like the way the speaker handled the impeachment of Paxton. They want his head on a platter.

It looks as though, to my eyes, that the Republican Party simply is too damn dysfunctional just to govern. Why is that? Because too many of the mainstream GOPers are afraid of retaliation by the MAGA cult.

Shameful, man.

House makes history!

The U.S. House of Representatives today made history, but you can bet your last buck that it won’t bask in the legacy this current Republican Party majority has created for the legislative body.

The House has booted the speaker out of his office, handing the job on an interim basis to Rep. Patrick McHenry.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been stripped of his title, stripped of what little power he actually possessed and sent to the back bench, possibly to sulk or to plot how he might regain the speakership.

McCarthy fell victim to the MAGA caucus within the Republican majority, which was slim to be sure. His sin? He worked with Democrats on finding a 45-day solution to keep the government running and averting a killer shutdown. The MAGA minions didn’t like that, so they rebelled.

One of them, Matt Gaetz, filed the motion to “vacate” the speaker’s office. And it passed.

To be clear this is not a bipartisan problem. As a Democratic strategist, Cornell Belcher, said, “This is a Republican problem.” And it seems to be one of some standing within the party. The GOP sought to oust Speaker Newt Gingrich, then went after John Boehner.

I’m trying to imagine Democrats trying this kind of thing with, say, Speakers Nancy Pelosi, Tom Foley or Sam Rayburn.

The MAGA crowd has seized control of the Republican Party and today they proved for all the world to see how just how out of control it is and how it is unable to govern one-half of the legislative branch of government.

A friend of mine sent me a text message immediately after McCarthy got the boot that suggests that the GOP could “screw up a two-car funeral.”

Just when you think you’ve seen everything … well, then you get this! Holy crap!

Speaker reaps what he sows?

Part of me is beginning to feel the teeny-tiniest pangs of sympathy for U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the threats he is getting from the MAGA Moron caucus within the Republican Party House conference.

Then again …

The rest of me quashes that sympathy. The man knew what he was doing when he signed the deal with the MAGA devils that allowed him to ascend to the speakership after a 15-ballot effort when the current Congress convened at the start of the year.

The MAGA Morons are upset because McCarthy chose to work with Democrats by crafting a 45-day stopgap spending bill that averted a catastrophic government shutdown … for now! What’s next? One of the MAGA hotheads, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, vows to introduce a motion to vacate the speakership this week. He wants to be the lone House member who will call for the removal of McCarthy from the speaker’s office.

Once again, I would stand by that feeling of pain for McCarthy, except that he agreed to let the MAGA Morons have the authority to call for a vote if any of them grew disaffected by the job McCarthy is doing as speaker. Gaetz would be acting under House rules … to which McCarthy agreed when he was elected speaker.

All of this is providing a textbook study on the MAGA caucus’s real agenda, which has nothing to do with governance. It has everything to do with raising a stink whenever and wherever possible.

The MAGAites were able to keep funding for Ukraine war aid out of the spending bill. That wasn’t good enough. They want to slash more funds from vital domestic spending programs that assist Americans.

Now comes a potential crisis awaiting Speaker McCarthy. Do I want him to emerge from this scuffle? Yes, but only because a possible alternative — someone faithful to the MAGA Morons’ agenda — could emerge as the new Man of the House.