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Giving thanks once again

I have lived a blessed life … of that I am more certain than anything that has ever crossed my mind.

Therefore, I am going to offer a word of thanks and gratitude for the blessings I have enjoyed in my nearly 73 years on this Good Earth.

I learned at a young age to avoid “looking for the girl of my dreams.” What I also learned was that the individual would just show up. I was 21 years of age when she appeared. We found ourselves sitting at the same table with a mutual acquaintance; we exchanged winks and smirks as this fellow made a fool of himself.

We ended up soon after that going on a date. The rest is history. Fifty-one years later I am proud to say that I hit the first pitch out of the park. I give thanks every day for the girl who became my bride.

Our two sons have grown into the finest men you’ll ever know. They have remained close to my bride and me and to each other. One of them found the girl of his dreams and they have produced our lovely granddaughter.

I give thanks to the career I pursued with great joy. It provided some modest success for me. It also gave me a good living. Together, with my wife, we were able to provide for those two boys of ours. My craft enabled us to travel around the world, allowing us to see things we never thought we could see when we started our life together.

I long have enjoyed the blessings of living in the greatest nation on Earth. I gripe a bit about our government, The blessing comes, though, in that I am free to gripe without recrimination. There’s nothing like liberty … you know?

My family means everything to me. So do the friends I have acquired over the years. My blessings are countless. I give thanks for all that I have every single day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Today, though, I am paying a form of tribute to all that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving.