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Reconnecting is so rewarding

We returned to a place we called home for more than two decades and — if you’ll pardon the cliche — had the time of our lives reconnecting with some dear friends we continue to miss.

Our visit to Amarillo’s primary mission was to wish our son a happy birthday. We were able to do so. But along the way, as he was working during the day, we caught up with a man who helped pastor us on our faith journey and then visited with a dear friend of my bride and her husband.

Oh, and then — at dinner — we reconnected with another good friend who happens to have become friends with our son.

Not bad … you know?

To be clear, we have many more friends in the Amarillo we were unable to see. Our time back was too brief to visit everyone we know and love. We had to scurry back to our home in Princeton, where treatment for my bride’s medical challenge awaits.

That is what we have done.

This quick-hit trip back to the High Plains, though, will be one for the books.

My wife and her dear friend had lost contact in recent times. They hugged and reminisced about the old days; my wife got her pal caught up on her current medical challenge. As we have heard throughout this trying episode, my bride has found her way onto many prayer lists.

Our pastor friend has been in his current job for 33 years. He is good at what he does, which is that he serves as “outreach” pastor at the church we attended in downtown Amarillo during the time we lived there. He, too, has become a dear friend over that time and we were able to catch up with his bustling family’s activities.

The doctor who insisted that my wife make this trip — even if it would interfere with her cancer treatment — appears to have been spot on … that she would get as much out of this journey from the Metroplex to the High Plains as any treatment she would receive.

He is correct. The reconnection had a restorative value that I will be hard-pressed to define.


Old friends: priceless

LAVEEN VILLAGE, Ariz. — There is precisely one reason — or maybe two of them — for my wife and I to visit this suburb of Phoenix.

It would be to get caught up with an old and dear friend and to meet his wife, who instantly became a friend as well.

I’ve known Ed Loos for 55 years. We worked together as high school boys at McDonald’s Hamburgers in Portland, Ore. I left that job in August 1968 to be inducted into the U.S. Army. I came home two years later and lost touch with Ed.

Then I met the girl of my dreams the following January. We got married and we invited Ed to our wedding.

My memory is foggy, but I believe that was the last time we saw Ed. After that glorious day 51 years ago, he went about living his life and we embarked on our own life journey.

Now we have reconnected and I find myself filled with joy at being able to get caught up with all that has transpired in our respective lives. Man, it’s been a hell of a journey for both of us.

I long have believed that most of us have few actual “friends.” Ed Loos has filled that role for me for the past five-plus decades. His wife, Colleen, has eased nicely into that role as well for my bride and me.

Those long-ago days working, laughing and carrying on the way kids have done since the beginning of time came rushing into our memory banks.

I am not sure whether all this is worth sharing. I find myself yearning to break away from the stresses of public policy and the headaches associated with contemporary politics.

So, having done that with this visit with one of my dearest friends on Planet Earth, I simply feel the need to share it here.

Life is so very good.