How much cheating is going on at WT?

Well now. This is an interesting development that smells like it needs to be probed much more deeply.

West Texas A&M University is looking into a serious allegation of studies fraud involving a former football player and a star for the current for the team.

Jose Azarte Jr. used to kick field goals and points-after-touchdown for the Buffaloes, until Oct. 13. He told WT athletic department officials that he completed homework and other Spanish class assignments for starting wide receiver Anthony Johnson.

Oh, boy. This could get real nasty.

WT officials have announced that an assistant coach, Joel Hinton, is no longer on the staff after being implicated in what could become a significant academic scandal. Hinton allegedly played a part in the former player doing the classwork for the current player.

WT is planning to investigate this matter fully.

Boy, howdy! Do you think the school needs to examine the entire system from top to bottom?

I am hoping the school gets to the bottom of this and determines how much of this kind of cheating is going on.

Was this an isolated case? Is it part of a more pervasive practice?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, which governs athletics for schools such as WT, needs to enter the picture. The NCAA has a staff of competent lawyers who likely are eager to look intently into whether there’s more fire and smoke at West Texas A&M.

Turn them loose and let’s get to the bottom of this.

In a hurry.