POTUS has more power than he thought

I don’t usually listen to talk radio. All of it around here is of the right-wing variety, so I’m going to tune it out.

But this little item showed up on my Facebook feed today. It’s a snippet of an item from Mark Levin’s show.


OK, I trust you’ve listened to it and gleaned from it what I did.

It is that abuse of women — including rape and enslavement — is more prevalent during the Obama administration than at any time in history.

Wow, dude!

And to think that the president of the United States, who cannot get Congress to enact any of his legislative agenda, has all that power.

I’ll concede I listened only to that clip. I didn’t hear the entire tirade. Maybe there is more “context” out there that would cast it in a more reasonable light.

However, I doubt I needed to hear all of it to get the gist of the garbage that Levin is tossing out there.

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