This dude’s life about to get seriously uncomfy

POTUS 45’s life is about to enter a world in which no man should have to visit …. but he’s got it coming to him.

The former Liar in Chief is going on trial beginning Monday in a New York state court on charges that he spent campaign money illegally by paying $130,000 to an adult film actress to keep her quiet about a one-night stand she alleges occurred between her and the future POTUS.

The former Philanderer in Chief denies it happened, but he paid her the money anyway. Go figure that one, folks.

The tryst allegedly occurred just as the ex-POTUS’s wife was caring for the couple’s then-infant son.

How long will this circus last? Some legal experts say it could be over in three weeks to a month once they seat a jury of the former Moron in Chief’s “peers.”

My favorite aspect of this is that because it’s a criminal trial, the defendant will be forced to sit through it all. He’ll get to watch the former alleged paramour tell jurors of what occurred in the hotel room that night. He’ll have to listen to his former lawyer/fixer/right-hand man tell them how the ex-POTUS ordered him to write the check.

Hey, it’ll be fun to watch.

One thought on “This dude’s life about to get seriously uncomfy”

  1. You might check your records. The Clinton’s have paid off people to avoid attention and media coverage. I believe Biden has as well. It very common for the elites to pay off someone, regardless of guilt, to avoid media attention or to simply make it go away. Again, there’s nothing there.

    Biden can’t beat Trump so he’s having others do what they can. If this weren’t true, there wouldn’t be all the communications coming to and from the Whitehouse from these lawyers, judges and such.

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