Frustration builds with each mention of his name

My frustration level is being tested by the news media that keeps reporting on the status of the Republican Party campaign for president of the United States.

It ratchets up a little with each mention of the GOP frontrunner’s name. I know the media talking heads cannot refuse to mention him — by name. It is left, therefore, for chump bloggers like me to boycott any mention of him. So … that’s what I am doing. If you’re OK with that, thanks; if not, that’s too damn bad.

My frustration stems from this guy’s position as the frontrunner. That he’s even leading the remaining challenger at all is enough to send me into orbit. He is unfit for public office, but you’ve heard me say that many times already on High Plains Blogger.

This clown, though, is not unfit in what passes for the minds of his MAGA cult followers. They continue to whoop and holler at the lies that pour of his pie hole and he continues to believe that most Americans are buying into them. Earth to The Former Guy: Most of us out here know all about the fraudulent nature of your career.

One of the options I am employing to put a curb on my frustration level is to turn off the TV news channels. I don’t watch much national news these days; I do watch the local folks who do a good job telling us what is happening in North Texas.

By all that is normal — or what we used to define as normal — the former Moron in Chief has no business leading a formerly great political party’s race for the White House.

But not a damn thing in this whacked-out political world of ours is normal these days.

2 thoughts on “Frustration builds with each mention of his name”

  1. Pretty juvenile like. But, what else could we expect out of someone who thinks Biden is the best thing since sliced bread. All you have to do is watch ANY video of Biden and it’s obvious that Biden is completely unfit for office. His handlers won’t let him do actual press conferences or answer questions from media. When he does answer questions, he freezes up and basically just makes up crap. How many dead people has he now talked to??? LOL That man probably can’t change his own diaper.

  2. When Biden was told that Trump ready to debate him at any time. Biden’s response: “I would want to debate me, too’.

    Does that sound like a leader or someone that knows he’s out of touch.

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